I am a fully qualified acupuncturist, having successfully completed a 3yr degree level course in Chinese Acupuncture and am a member of the British Acupuncture Council. I studied Five Element Acupuncture, a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at The Acupuncture Academy, Leamington Spa and now treat in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

Personally I have found acupuncture hugely beneficial, physically, mentally and spiritually. Now that I am a qualified acupuncturist I am excited and passionate about what is possible with acupuncture, both as a patient and as a practitioner. 

We are all individuals and Traditional Chinese Medicine respects and reveres such individuality, therefore each course of treatment is unique. Two people may have the same need or illness, but as we are all individuals the courses of treatment will be different.

In practice I have been able to support and treat both acute and chronic long-term conditions with and without conventional medicine.

Clare Scallon

I offer Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet today’s lifestyle needs, treatments include;

Acupuncture – the insertion of very fine, sterile, single use needles at particular points on the body

Acupressure – the application of manual pressure on particular points on the body

Tui Na – a type of massage along channels of the body, typically carried out over clothing

Gua Sha – this involves stroking and brushing the skin to increase circulation and metabolism

Moxibustion – the use of a herb ‘moxa’ on or over the skin, to support overall immunity as well as circulation

Bach Flower Essences – using the natural power of plants to support mental and emotional health.