Appointments & Prices


Appointments are available on Mondays.

Opening times are 9am-7pm, with the last appointment of the day being around 6/6.30pm

In the initial consultation appointment there is both an introductory phone call and a face to face appointment. In the call I will gain a better understanding of you, your medical history and what you are hoping to achieve from a course of acupuncture. The call also provides the opportunity to get to know each other, and where video calls are possible, we can ‘see’ each other without me wearing a mask. Whilst I do not expect you to wear a mask during treatment, currently I am still wearing them for the face-to-face appointments.

Follow on appointments are held face-to-face and typically last 45mins-1hour. I will let you know if the duration of your appointment is likely to be any longer.

Generally, I recommend an initial course of five treatments. Initially timing of appointments will be weekly and dependent on progression these can extend to fortnightly or longer. Improvement noted in these early treatments will provide a valuable gauge whether acupuncture is right for you.

I want to see treatment holding over time and will gradually extend the length in-between appointments. Some of my patients come once a month or less frequently, for them acupuncture is a top-up treatment; a bit like topping up the oil in a car to ensure smooth running!


Consists of an initial telephone consultation and a 1hour 30 min face to face appointment = £65

Ongoing appointments (approx. 1 hour) = £50

Private Medical Healthcare

Many Private Healthcare Insurance policies do cover therapies including Acupuncture. The policies and their provisions do change periodically and so it is always worth asking what is included within your policy. 

If your private healthcare cover does include acupuncture, there is often a yearly budget or amount that is available to you and some policies also require a GP referral. Again, is it always worth checking with your policy holder to understand what steps are needed. 

I am a fully qualified Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and a member of the British Acupuncture Council, therefore if cover is available through your policy, the treatment cost either in full or in part, will be covered through your insurer. 

The British Acupuncture Council provides more details on which provider offers what level of service, click here to find out more.

So good news! Each policy is particular to you however, so please do check with your provider whether acupuncture is covered.

Here is a list of Private Health Insurers that include acupuncture, rest assured if you do not see your provider here, it is always worth calling them to see if cover is available:

(Correct at time of writing August 2021)

  • Aviva Healthcare (including underwriting for Insurety)
  • AXA PPP (Cash plan only, as well as under writers to other providers including SAGA and Health-on-Line)
  • Beneden Health – cash plan only
  • Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
  • BUPA
  • CS Healthcare
  • Engage Mutual Assurance
  • Exeter Family Friendly
  • General & Medical Healthcare
  • Healthshield
  • HSF
  • Medicash
  • National Friendly
  • PruHealth (now Vitality Health)
  • Simply Health
  • Westfield
  • WHA
  • WHCA
  • WPA