Women’s Health

In 2023 I was fortunate enough to attend a women’s health lecture given by Lara Briden and Dr. Nicky Keay in Oxford, entitled ‘The Hormone Whisperers.’ These two women are at the top of women’s hormone expertise – from puberty, fertility to menopause.  

If you are a friend, relative or patient of mine and have mentioned women’s health and hormone issues; hormone imbalance, menopause, infertility, then I have no doubt recommended Lara Briden’s books and social pages

I learnt so much at the lecture and I thought I would share some of them here. There are some real eye openers on the long term side effects of the contraceptive pill, none of which I knew. When considering the contraceptive pill, the focus is on the there and then, not the future, so maybe knowing of the possible long term effects will still not sway young women from their decision – but for the one or two that it may help to stop and think, this is for you!